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    Rob Appel

    3 Dudes Modified Class

    Friday, February 9th @ 9:00 AM

    Julie's Sewing Center

    Man Sewing

    Mickey Depre

    Quilts of Half Scrap

    Friday, March 9th @ 9:00 AM

    4 Hours

    Julie's Sewing Center

    Mickey Depre

    Pieced Hexies Buffet

    This class will focus on Cogs, Jazzy, Tumbler Blocks

    Saturday, March 10th @ 9:00 AM

    6 Hours

    Julie's Sewing Center

    MD Quilts

    Angela Walters

    Free Motion

    Quilting Borders & Backgrounds

    April 13th @ 9:00 AM

    Julies Sewing Center


    Judy Gauthier

    Umbrella Class

    Friday, May 11th @ 9:00 AM

    Julies Sewing Center

    Sue Kostroski

    Presser feet

    Demonstrations and Hands-on with reference material

    K&K Vac @ 9:00 AM

    Enrollment limited to 10. Kit fee is $20.00

    Lynne Hagmeier

    Mini Table Treats

    Friday, September 14th @ 9:00 AM

    3 Hours

    Julie's Sewing Center

    Lynne Hagmeier

    Small Projects

    Saturday, September 15th @ 1:00 PM

    3 Hours

    Julie's Sewing Center


    Gudrun Erla

    Stripology Squared

    Friday, February 10th

    9:00 AM at Piece By Piece Quilt Shop


    Saturday, February 11th

    9:00 AM at Piece By Piece Quilt Shop


    Sara Lawson

    Arabesque Bag

    Friday, March 10th

    Julie's Sewing Center at 9:00 AM

    Appaloosa Bag

    Saturday, March 11th

    9:00AM at Julie's Sewing Center


    Peg Spradlin

    Fold & Sew Quick Quilts with Precuts

    Friday, May 12th

    9:00 AM at Piece by Piece Quilt shop

    Basting to Binding: A Machine Quilting Primer

    Saturday, May 13th

    9:00 AM at Piece by Piece Quilt shop


    Lynn Gilles

    Fantasy Fish

    Friday, August 11th

    9:00 AM at Piece By Piece Quilt Shop

    Bodacious Birds

    Saturday, August 12th

    9:00 AM at Piece By Piece Quilt Shop

    Karen Combs

    Patchwork Illusions

    Friday, September 15th

    Julie's Sewing Center at 9:00 AM

    Ice Crystals

    Saturday, September 16th

    Julie's Sewing Center at 9:00 AM


    Cartago Wall Hanging

    Sunday February 14th

    Patricia Sanabria-Frederich

    $25 for Members

    Throw me a Curve

    Saturday, March 19th

    Mark Lipinski

    • Mystery Quilt
    • Bring 3 fabrics, work on a design wall and everyone leaves with a different quilt.

    $60 members

    Slow Stitch Movement

    Sunday, March 20th

    Mark Lipinski

    Quick, fast, easy. In our busy, multitasking world, those buzzwords capture our attention. But speed can kill creativity and the enjoyment of our creative pursuits.  Maybe what we really need to do is slow down, enjoy the process, and create fiber art that we’re really proud of. But how?

    Following the tenets of The Slow Stitching Movement you will: 

    • Approach your creative art-making in a totally different way.
    • Recharge your passion for the needle fiber arts.
    • Engage the connection between your body, your quilts, and your legacy.
    • Expand your creativity, self-esteem and even your spiritual journey.
    • Tap your right brain, to train and develop your imagination.
    • Find the creative genius in you.
    • Implement your creative thought in today’s too-fast world.
    • Heal your life, emotions and boost your physical health.
    • Create groups and habits to support your creative vision.

    $60 for Members

    Fabric Folding

    Monday, March 21st

    Mark Lipinski

    Learn fabric folding techniques and create this travel wallet. Technique can be applied to quilt boarders as well.

    $60 for Members

    Paint on Silk

    Saturday, April 23rd

    Sandy Melroy

    • 9:00-1:00 - Paint a Silk Scarf - 9:00 -1:00
    • 2:00-6:00 - Paint a piece of stretched silk to frame or incorporate in a textile art piece

    Each class is $25 for Members

    Supplies included

    Contemporary Portrait Quilt

    Sunday, May 15th

    Laurie Ceesay

    $25 for Members

    Create Your Own Free Form Quilt

    Saturday and Sunday September 17&18

    Rayna Gillman

    Is your creative muse on vacation? Take your own creative journey with no rules & no rulers (almost).

    Free-cut strips, sew together and create an original quilt as you slice, dice, and combine elements in a variety of ways. Ahhhhh...stress free sewing that's better than being on the beach!

    $60 for Members

    Endless Design Variations

    Monday, September 19th

    Rayna Gillman

    You'll discover simple and exciting variations on strips, squares, and rectangles.  Using "what if?" to guide you, you'll quickly and easily create one-of-a-kind units to use in endless combinations for your own original quilt.

    $30 for Members

    Goose is Loose – Designing with Free-form Shapes

    Saturday & Sunday - October 15 & 16

    Gail Garber

    It introduces the student to original design in free-form shapes. Learn the drafting and piecing techniques for flying geese in the round, loose curves, or swirls. It is sew easy to do; students are often surprised at the simplicity of the technique, taught with no scary math words!

    $60 for Members

    Sensational Stars

    Monday October 17th

    Gail Garber

    Design your own circular stars in different settings. Students will learn drafting and paper foundation piecing techniques as well as tips for glorious color selection. By the afternoon, you’ll be stitching together your one-of-a-kind celestial masterpiece!

    $30 for Members

    Landscape Quilts

    Sunday, February 22nd

    Susan Hoffmann

    Working with Large-Scale Prints

    Saturday, March 14th

    Bill Kerr

    Many quilters love large-scale prints but find it challenging to combine them effectively with other prints. Students will learn the design concepts behind using large-scale prints and how to show them off to their best advantage.

    Transparency Quilts

    Sunday, March 15th

    Weeks Ringle

    The workshop will guide you through explorations to help you develop color confidence in achieving transparency in your quilts. In the first half of the class, we will explain how to use color to create effective transparencies followed by explorations that bring those concepts to life.

    Stitch and Flip Improvisation

    Sunday, June 14th

    Jaquie Gering

    Learn basic stitching and flipping, multiple stitch and flip variations, as well as how to manipulate the blocks to make an original stitch and flip quilt

    Slice and Insert Improvisation

    Monday, June 15th

    Learn the basic technique and a new adaptation, a foolproof strategy for matching inserts, simple techniques for adding complexity to a design as well as how to work with even width and wedge shaped inserts.

    Bus Trip

    Saturday, August 15th

    Be Prepared for and action packed day
    • We’ll start at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts
    • Pack a lunch & eat at the park or grab lunch on Main Street in Cedarburg
    • Shop at 5 Quilt Shops
      • Ye Olde Schoolhouse
      • Material Matters
      • Patched Works
      • Bigsby’s Sewing Center
      • TBD Surprise!

    Flowers on a Grand Scale

    Sunday, September 20th

    Juanita Yeager

    Advanced Piecing

    Sunday, October 18th

    Take your piecing skills to the next level and sew more complex designs. Traditional quilt blocks are like piecing boot camp, perfect for honing your technique and increasing your accuracy, so we’ll spend the day making several of the blocks from Lee’s book